TST Tin Secret Yeast Masque

Yeast Masque

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Size: 50ml 

Benefits: Formulated with a variety of yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae + yogurt extract + Lactobacillus / North Sesame grass fermentation extract) and raisins cell extract. Penetrates into the underlying skin and remove any harmful substances.

Major Effects: Penetrates deep into the underlying skin to remove excess skin impurities, stimulate cell growth, collagen cell regeneration, speed up skin cell renewal, tighten the skin, retain and lock moisture.

With the help of yeast itself which is rich in nutrients, it provides long lasting moisture and instant activation of cells beneath the skin. This effect results in fairer and brighter skin tone immediately.

Key Ingredients:
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae - Anti-aging, wrinkle
Eriodictyon Californicum - Deep moisturizing, repair
Yogurt extract - whitening, reduce freckles
Grapefruit stem cell extract - promotes cell renewal, anti-aging, prevent skin sagging and aging. 

1. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount (~3 to 6 drops) of Tender Moisturizer on the face.
2. Spread a thin layer of Yeast Mask evenly to the whole face. 
3. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with room temperature water when mask dries. Recommended for daily use. 

*For user with sensitive skin, we suggest doing sensitivity test behind the ear. First time user, do not exceed 15mins. If no sensitive reaction, you may increase the duration by 5 mins for each use. Maximum leave on time is 30mins. 

1. Please keep out of reach of children. 
2. Keep in ventilated shade, not direct sunlight below 25 degree. To maintain the best effect when used, we recommend to keep it in the refrigerator. 
3. Please close tight after use. 
4. Best used within 3 months after opening. 

The following skin conditions are not suitable for using live yeast: 
1. Skin is inflamed and in ulceration state 
2. Cannot be used for skin with allergies. 
3. Chronic Skin diseases 
4. For sensitive skin, do not use immediately after washing with hot water 

Moisture Replenishment: As the living bacteria in the yeast mask are reacting with the skin to enhance metabolism, It will take away some skin moisture. So, it is important to apply Tender Moisturizer before and after the mask.


产品特性采用多种酵母菌提取物(啤酒酵母菌+酸乳提取物+ 乳酸杆菌/北美圣草发酵提取物)及葡萄干细胞提取物,在深入肌肤底层的同时,清除肌肤有害物质。

产品功效:深入肌肤底层,清除肌肤多余油脂杂质,刺激细胞生长,胶原母细胞再生,加快肌肤细胞更新、紧致肌肤;高效保水、锁水能力, 给予肌肤长效滋润,酵母本身有丰富的营养物质,活化过程深入肌肤底层,瞬间激活细胞,补充肌肤所需营养成分,自然美白提亮肤色,赋予肌肤。