Yeast Essential Cream - 1 strain yeast mask

Yeast Essential Cream - 1 strain yeast mask

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Size: 50ml 

Note: This is the upgraded version. The old version, 30 ml has obsoleted.

The cream is specially added with highly stable probiotic i.e. Brad's yeast with resveratrol. It double fixes many problems of aging, sagging and yellowish skin.
Unique live yeast extract rich in active substances can make the skin produce activation, provides cell regeneration and restore vitality of nutrients required. It can also enhance the ability of skin absorption, to add enough collagen, thus effectively delay skin cell aging. It also calms the sensitive skin after sun and get the most out of the cream substances.

5 effects of Yeast Essential Cream (Note: This is a mask, require to wash away):
Anti-aging: Deep skin nourishment, promote renewal and revitalization.
Repair: Stimulate skin cell activity, improve skin self-repair ability
Firming: Replenish skin loss of collagen and restore skin elasticity
Wrinkle: Long-lasting moisture, smooth fine lines and skin is left with no traces of aging
Whitening: Equalize the skin balance between water and oil. Brighten dull skin and prevent pigmentation

1. After cleansing, spread a thin layer evenly to the whole face.
2. Leave it on according to your skin condition and wash off with room temperature water when mask dries. For first time user, do not use it everyday and leave on for more than 20 mins. You may increase the usage and leave on duration according to skin adaptability. 

Leave on duration for different skin type (1st time user):
Sensitive and dry skin: 5 mins
Normal skin: 15 - 20 mins
Oily skin: 15 - 20 mins
Combination skin: 15 to 20 mins

*For user with sensitive skin, we suggest to do sensitivity test behind the ear.

Special Usage:
Acne treatment: Apply the cream directly on the acne for leave on for about 30 minutes.before washing off with room temperature water. It takes 3 to 5 days to eliminate acne and inhibit re-growth.
Blemish treatment: Apply the cream directly on the spots (first time user may experience tingling or itching sensation) and wash off after 15 minutes with room temperature water. Adjust the leave on time and usage according to skin adaptability. Recommended for daily use.

1. Please keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep in ventilated shade, not direct sunlight below 25 degree. To maintain the best effect when used, we recommend to keep it in the refrigerator.
3. Please close tight after use.
4.Best used within 3 months after opening.

The following skin conditions are not suitable for using live yeast:
1. Skin is inflamed and in ulceration state
2. Cannot be used for skin with allergies.
3. Chronic Skin diseases
4. For sensitive skin, do not use immediately after washing with hot water.

【活酵母精纯乳霜 / 冻龄蜜】



第一:拿到冻龄蜜 我们主要是要记得 将开启后的冻龄蜜放入冰箱 保证冻龄蜜的活性 让其工作的时候保持休眠状态。没冰箱的话常温25度以下避光干燥地方保存就好。
第二:开始使用冻龄蜜,一定要做耳后测试5分钟,我更换任何护肤品之前 首先要做的 就是测试是否过敏 如果经测试对产品没有任何后面过敏反应 (在这里备注一下 我们冻龄蜜销售80 万瓶至今只接到一例 对酵母过敏的顾客出示的医院证明。那么使用多次之后 出现的皮肤长痘等情况均为排毒反应)
第三:使用频率:刚使用时,建议隔几天使用一次;使用时间:刚使用时,建议(冻龄蜜停留時間:敏感性 干性 切記敷的時間5分鐘 ,中性15-20 分钟油性15-20分钟 ,混合性油1 5分钟混合偏干5分钟 ),后面慢慢增加时间,让皮肤有一个适应和耐受的过程;之后清水清洗干净,温水洗脸接近凉水最好,因为活酵母是活性的.