Peptide Snow Moisturizer

Peptide Snow Moisturizer

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Size: 120ml 

Benefits: Formulated with a variety of active ingredients using critical emulsification technology (new plant extraction and dispersion technology to extract the essence of the plants and ensure that the active ingredients and biological activity are not destroyed). When the snow-like active ingredients goes in contact with the skin, the use of external factor such as hand gently tapping, etc. will release the effect of the lotion instantly. It contains a variety of natural trace elements and yeast extract that can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

Major Effects: Intensive replenishment of skin moisture, forms a barrier on the skin to retain moisture, protect skin against external pollution. Improve skin texture, fine lines and uneven skin tone caused by dryness.

Key Ingredients: 
Natural trace elements - Stimulate cell viability, supplement of skin nutrients
Yeast extract - Whitening, moisturizing, repair damaged cells, skin repair, anti-aging
Sodium Polyglutamate - Strong moisturising proporties

1. After cleansing, use an appropriate amount on palm to apply on the whole face. 
2. Pat lightly or massage till absorbed. 
* Recommend for use in the morning

1. Please stop using if allergies (redness, itching and other allergic phenomena) or discomfort occur while in use.
2. If the skin still feel discomfort and no improvement, please seek doctor's treatment.  

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep in cool and ventilated shade, not direct sunlight.
3. Please close tight after use.



产品功效:高效补水、储水,弹润保湿,给肌肤天然保水屏障,抵抗外污染,改善 肌肤因干燥缺水引起的细纹、肤色不均等肌肤问题。


使用方法:   清洁爽肤后,取适量雪花水轻拍于面部直至吸收。(建议白天使用)