Glossy Moisture Emulsion

Glossy Moisture Emulsion

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Size: 100ml

Benefits: Plant extracts help to restore skin back to its deal state of water and oil balance, the refreshing rhythm of emulsion can be absorbed quickly so that the skin feels comfortable, promote metabolism, moisture and glow.

Major Effects: Enriched with variety of plant extracts aims to activate skin's own water supplement mechanism and elastin hyperplasia. Contains vegetable oil and variety of herbal extracts to help in skin restoration.

Key Ingredients: 

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract - Whitening
Tremella Fuciformis Extract - Moisturizing
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - Maintains skin health and promotes blood circulation, regulates skin


1. After cleansing, use an appropriate amount apply on the whole face. (Note: To use after Tender moisture / Peptide snow moisturiser / Peptide night renewal lotion / serum / Ageless peptide essence
2. Pat lightly or massage till absorbed. 

1. Please stop using if allergies (redness, itching and other allergic phenomena) or discomfort occur while in use.
2. If the skin still feel discomfort and no improvement, please seek doctor's treatment. 

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep in cool and ventilated shade, not direct sunlight.
3. Please close tight after use.


产品特性:严选多种植物精华,为您悉心调配渗入渗透配方,可激活肌肤自身的水分补充机制及弹力蛋白增生。含植物油及多种草本萃取精华, 不会在皮肤上留下过多油脂,帮助皮肤恢复清新、活力。