5 in 1 strains Yeast Mask 五菌活酵母 and Tender Moisturiser Combi

5 in 1 strains Yeast Mask 五菌活酵母 and Tender Moisturiser Combi

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3 in 1 Yeast Mask (三菌活酵母) vs 5 in 1 Yeast Mask (五菌活酵母):

For skin condition, such as acne, dark skin, pigmentation and other skin condition which is not particularly healthy skin, we recommend you to use the three strains yeast mask to kick start and recuperate. Refer to: https://www.tst-tinsecret.com.sg/collections/best-selling-products/products/yeast-mask

♥️ The 5 strains yeast mask (5 in 1) is specially designed for the skin which is already healthy and needs deep skin care. It penetrates the epidermis and directly strikes the dermis to repair the skin. The active yeasts are of the medical and aesthetic grade.

♥️ The 3 strains yeast mask (3 in 1) is help you to recuperate your skin to a stable condition to prepare you for more advance products. Refer to: https://www.tst-tinsecret.com.sg/collections/best-selling-products/products/yeast-mask



  1. 5 in 1 strains Yeast Mask, 50g
  2. Exquisitely Tender Moisturizer, 120ml


  1. 五菌活酵母, 50ml
  2. 保湿水, 120ml

1. Please stop using if allergies or discomfort occur while in use. 
2. Please immediately clean with water if it accidentally enters the eyes, nose or throat. 

1. Keep out of reach of children. 
2. Keep in ventilated shade, not direct sunlight.