Delivery and Payment


For Singapore:

We usually use Singpost Smartpac for small orders. Delivery via Singpost Smartpac takes 2 - 3 days and if you are not around to collect the parcel, Singpost will put your parcel into your letterbox. Please remember to clear your letterbox.

If your letterbox is not upgraded version, please kindly contact us.

For big orders, we will contact you for arrangement.

For Malaysia:

We will dispatch your order from China to Malaysia. It is usually done by third party provider delivery to doorstep.


How to make payment?

We accept Paypal, Credit Card and Internet Banking for now.

Step 1. Add your product(s) into your shopping cart. Keep adding items into cart until you are ready to make payment.

TST Tin Secret Singapore Add to Cart


Step 2. Once ready to pay, go to your shopping cart on the top right hand corner. Click on the "Check Out" button.



Step 3. Fill in your shipping address and/or discount code "150$Order" if you have purchased >=$150 of products.

TST Tin Secret Singapore Discount Code Page


Step 4. Click on "Continue to payment method"



Step 5. Choose your payment method.

Click "Credit Card" and enter your credit card details if paying by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Click "PayPal" if you have paypal account. Note: You can also pay by credit card using this option.

Click "Bank Deposit" if paying by manual bank deposit

TST Tin Secret Singapore Payment Method


Step 6. If you choose "Paypal" in step 5, you will see this screen.

If you do not have paypal account, you may click on "Pay with a Card" to pay by credit card. After which, you may proceed to enter your credit card details to complete the payment. It is secure payment as it is managed by Paypal Pte Ltd.

Complete your transaction by filling up your credit card information.


7. If you choose "Bank Deposit" in Step 5, you may transfer to the following account after completing the transaction.

Bank Name : POSB Saving
Account Name : TinSecretSG
Account No : 421-41498-0