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With more than 40 years of passion, this renowned Paris brand has a reputation for astounding effectiveness to skin care using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients, free from fragrance and preservatives. Today, Biologique Recherche is an international brand available in more than 70 countries with many stamps of approval from Hollywood stars and local celebrities like Victoria Beckam, The Olsan Twins, Arissa Cheo and many others.

'Biologique Recherche Singapore' has became popular search term among Singaporeans. Today, Shopping can’t get easier.

You can now buy Biologique Recherche products online on our partner BareSkin Elements; Biologique Recherche Singapore Authorised online store. The online store carries a complete range of Biologique Recherche (BR) products, ranges from BR cleanser, booster, the famous Lotions P50 (i.e. P50 Pigm400 Lotion, P50T Lotion, P50 Lotion, P50V Lotion and P50W Lotion), masque, quintessential serum, targeted serum, face cream, finishing serum, body care and hair care. Visit their site to find out more. Shipping in Singapore is absolutely free and fast.

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