About TST Tin-Secret

In 1994, a quest for the mystery of young skin resurrection world tour made Ruiyang obsessed with live yeast from France (yeast solution ZB)  

The discovery of live yeast opened up the half-century secret to the phase of "As smooth as a milk maid's skin".

It was extracted from fresh natural milk with up to 80% of the living yeast absorption vitality. In the shortest possible time, muscle cells are able to complete the metabolism replacement to deliver a new reborn skin. It takes just 7 days to achieve the dream of thousands women.

Product development projects using "live yeast" as the core ingredients lasted for two years. It ran into issues with the stringent storage requirement of "live yeast",  so Lin Ruiyang reluctantly temporarily suspended the activity. 

If the happiness of marriage is a woman's irreplaceable skincare product, then live yeast mask is Zhang Ting's 10 years beauty secret to retain her youth.

When Lin Ruiyang presented live yeast as a gift to his beloved wife, this creation that is "full of vitality" is destined to become a well-known name among the nation.

With the support and encouragement from Zhang Ting, Lin Ruiyang once again start the "live yeast" project. He employs international first-rate research and development group and successfully initiates the “Three Bacteria into One” patented technology in order to break the dilemma that only fermented products of a kind of bacteria are existed and to deal with the difficulty that multiple bacteria are mutually restricted and cannot be negotiated. In addition, the facial mask maintains the stability of bacterium kinds by low-temperature coating technology and meanwhile makes effective molecular much smaller to directly reach the corium layer and then to promote the absorption of viable bacteria for skin.

With the positive reviews from stars, friends and fans, it has affirmed Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting the magical works of live yeast. They are determined to share this secret with women around the globe.

Since then, this live yeast skin care products is no longer a secret Zhang Ting kept for 10 years. TST combines the high-tech submicron penetration technology to go deep into skin’s bottom layer and provides nutrients required for cell regeneration, thus the effects of cell activation and repair can be optimized and then the Yeast series is successfully developed.

The Products in TST tin’ Secret brand are manufactured according to drug regulatory system without any harmful chemicals. It is the first international “live and vital” skin care product that is suitable for different ages, genders, skin types and consumption groups. From deep layer of skin, the metabolism, repair and absorption regulatory mechanism is activated to restore the healthy skin and naturally to effectively alleviate all kinds of skin problems such as dryness, grease, acne, dehydration, tiny wrinkle and sensitivity. In addition, it provides the comprehensive and efficient deep maintenance for women who appreciate beauty to keep clean, bright, soft and white status and to make your skin shine.



1994年,一次探寻复活年轻肌肤奥秘的列国之旅,让台湾第一小生林瑞阳第一次痴迷于来自法国活酵母【Yeast Liquid ZB】的倾世魔力!
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