5 in 1 strains Yeast Mask 五菌活酵母

5 in 1 strains Yeast Mask 五菌活酵母

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Size: 50ml

3 in 1 Yeast Mask (三菌活酵母) vs 5 in 1 Yeast Mask (五菌活酵母):

For skin condition, such as acne, dark skin, pigmentation and other skin condition which is not particularly healthy skin, we recommend you to use the three strains yeast mask to kick start and recuperate. Refer to: https://www.tst-tinsecret.com.sg/collections/best-selling-products/products/yeast-mask

♥️ The 5 strains yeast mask (5 in 1) is specially designed for the skin which is already healthy and needs deep skin care. It penetrates the epidermis and directly strikes the dermis to repair the skin. The active yeasts are of the medical and aesthetic grade.

♥️ The 3 strains yeast mask (3 in 1) is help you to recuperate your skin to a stable condition to prepare you for more advance products. Refer to: https://www.tst-tinsecret.com.sg/collections/best-selling-products/products/yeast-mask


5 Strains Yeast mask is an upgraded version formulated with sheep placenta which helps on the following:

  • Repair skin by repairing damage skin cells and facilitate cell renewal. 
  • A variety of amino acids required to replenish the skin, leaving skin full and tender.
  • Epidermal growth factor EGF-repair surface and deep damaged skin, leaving the skin to rejuvenate.
  • Hyaluronic acid stimulating factor - strengthen the cells to absorb nutrients, prevent skin aging due to nutritional deficiencies. .
  • A variety of active substances - the skin nutrients needed to supplement the skin, improve the dull skin condition

5 Strains Yeast mask also provides the below benefits:

  • Yeast + Yogurt Extract (二裂酵母 + 酸乳提取物): Restore skin layer by layer
  • Lactobacillus + Yeast Lysate (乳酸杆菌/北美圣草 + 酵母菌溶胞物): Deep Moisturising
  • Subtilisin + Saccharomyces cerevisiae (枯草杆菌酶 + 啤酒酵母菌): Enhance skin brightening

5 strains yeast mask detail


1. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount (~3 to 6 drops) of Tender Moisturizer on the face.
2. Spread a thin layer of Yeast Mask evenly to the whole face. 
3. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Note: First time use only 10 mins.
4. When the mask is dry, use your fingers to gently rub off the yeast mask from your face and subsequently rinse your face with room temperature water. You may also rinse off the yeast mask (without rubbing off) from your face when it is dried.

*For user with sensitive skin, we suggest to do sensitivity test behind the ear. First time user, do not exceed 15mins. If no sensitive reaction, you may increase the duration by 5 mins for each use. Maximum leave on time is 30mins. 

1. Please keep out of reach of children.
2. Keep in ventilated shade, not direct sunlight below 25 degree. To maintain the best effect when used, we recommend to keep it in the refrigerator.
3. Please close tight after use.
4. Best used within 3 months after opening.

The following skin conditions are not suitable for using live yeast:
1. Skin is inflamed and in ulceration state
2. Cannot be used for skin with allergies.
3. Chronic Skin diseases
4. For sensitive skin, do not use immediately after washing with hot water

Moisture Replenishment: As the living bacteria in the yeast mask are reacting with the skin to enhance metabolism, It will take away some skin moisture. So, it is important to apply Tender Moisturizer before and after the mask.