TST Tin Secret Moisturisers

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= TST have 4 Types of Moisturizer =

1) Exquisitely Tender Moisturizer - Light water based moisturizer that locks moisture up to 2 hours. Ultra-micronized ingredients that help to calms and relieves sensitive skin. A person with acne problems and sensitive skin can be used.

2) Snow Moisturizer - A day uses moisturizer that locks moisture for up to 8 hours. It contains super moisturizing ingredients, effectively improve dry skin condition and provides instant hydration.

3) Night Renewal Lotion - A night use moisturizer that can prevent melanin production, and can stimulate the proliferation of collagen cells, reduce wrinkles.

4) Yeast Micron Lotion - A high nutritious water, in addition to white truffle essence, it also contains live yeast ingredients.

There is always one you will love from these 4 kinds of moisturizer!

TST Tin Secret Moisturisers

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